Star Wars: The Force Awakens Theories & Predictions

I recently went for my second viewing of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and I went in looking with a predictive lens. At times, my predictions lean toward the absurd, but it’s all in good fun. Here are some theories raised by questions posed in The Force Awakens.

WARNING: Major spoilers for The Force Awakens are in this article. You have been warned.


Finn Could Easily Turn to the Dark Side

The Force Awakens essentially divides the hero archetype formerly embodied by Luke Skywalker into two separate characters: Rey and Finn. At first, we are unsure who will rise to the occasion of the role, but it becomes clear that Rey is the true heir to the Jedi Knighthood (more on this later).

What does this mean for Finn? He’s still a Resistance hero to be, right?

Perhaps not. Think about it. Finn was stolen from his family at a young age and raised for the sole purpose of cold blooded murder. The FN series of Stormtrooper seemingly know nothing else but hatred and violence.

Of course, Finn is the convenient exception to the rule. Something innate within causes him to retreat from such violent tendencies.

This is all well and good, we need this convenience for the sake of the plot. However, Finn’s entire past is situated within this hatred and violence; situated within the Dark Side. As such, Finn could easily be swayed to the dark side if he was put within the grasp of Supreme Leader Snoke. Ben Solo (aka Kylo Ren) was raised in the light by the sole Jedi in the galaxy, and Snoke was able to turn him somehow. Seemingly, then, Snoke would have the power to turn a hero primed by Dark Side tendencies.

One minor piece of imagistics to back up this theory. Kylo Ren murders his own father, Han Solo, by stabbing a lightsaber through his chest. The first time Finn wields a lightsaber (his first kill with it, in fact) is a strikingly similar stab through a Stormtrooper’s torso. This is immediately followed by Finn being called a traitor, something that enrages him. This is motific, as Ren later calls Finn a traitor, instigating an impassioned lightsaber duel.

So, Finn has anger inside of him, and we’ve seen him purge it through lightsaber battle. This can be contrasted to the lightsaber battle sequence between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader, where Vader and the Emperor attempt to bring the anger out of Luke.

Will Finn turn to the Dark Side? It would be a risky move on the part of the creative minds behind the franchise, but it could pay off. Picture it: Finn reveals himself to be Sith to a newly trained Jedi Knight Rey. Given the relationship established between them in The Force Awakens, this could be a shattering revelation for Rey, and it could lead to a momentous altercation.

Rey is a Jedi Sibling

This is an obvious one, but it could go in a few different directions. Rey is a mysterious character, with little answers given in The Force Awakens. The signposts we do get, however, point toward Rey being part of a lineage familiar with the Force and the Galactic Civil War between the Empire and the Rebels.

We never learn her last name, this is perhaps the most clear clue to her enigmatic genealogy. We hear Poe Dameron’s full name two or three times, and he is in far less of the film. There is a clear avoidance of revealing Rey’s surname.

Most would assume that this means Rey is Luke’s daughter. Could be. There is no definite proof to point Rey into a particular family camp. The film certainly highlights that final moments between Rey and Luke; a few shot-reverse shots and a wide helicopter 360 degree shot take up the film’s final minutes.

Most likely, if Rey is linked to one of the classic Star Wars characters, it is Luke. But what if it isn’t? Could Rey be Kylo Ren’s sibling?

It sounds impossible, sure. But maybe, just maybe…

When Ren hears about a woman’s presence with the BB-8 droid he is after, he has a childlike tantrum with his lightsaber. He knows that something is afoot, that this woman is someone important and perhaps detrimental to his operation. He knows that she is force sensitive, it seems.

When he captures her, he snidely comments that she looked at Han as the father she never had, and that Solo would never live up to that name.

Maybe Han and Leia put Rey in a mundane place in the galaxy (the junkyard planet Jakku) in order to protect her from her brother as he rose to prominence in the Dark Side. It would explain Han and Leia’s cagey yet comforting treatment of her throughout the film. The moment where Han offers her a job on his ship appears more sentimental than the moment necessitates, given their limited on-screen relationship up to that point. Maybe he wants his daughter in his life again.

I know it is an extremely unlikely theory, and it would require hurdling over massive plot holes. But the Luke-Leia siblingship has its fair share of plot holes that were covered up retroactively.

How about we cleanse the pallet with a truly impossible theory: Rey is a clone made from Kylo Ren’s DNA. There is this anagram: Kylo Ren = Rey Klon.

I’m just f***ing around.

Snoke is Kylo Ren

I know this makes little sense, and I only have one piece of evidence to back it all up. So take it with a grain of salt.

No one knows who or where Snoke is. He could be Darth Plagueis (more on this later). He could be a completely new character. But what if he is an alternate reality/time travelling counterpart to Kylo Ren?

All right, I know it’s obnoxious. All I’ve got to show for the theory is that by the end of the film they share the exact same scar. Down the middle of the forehead, trailing past the right eye. It is almost purposefully the same.

Here’s what I think it actually means: it is a symbolic connection between Kylo Ren and Snoke. Having just offed his father and lost at the hands of an untrained Jedi, he is filled with powerful emotions akin to those that coddle the Dark Side. The scar on his face is a sign that Kylo Ren has finished his transformation to the Dark Side and is ready to be the apprentice of Snoke.

Still, it would be crazy if Snoke and Kylo Ren were the same person, huh?

Snoke is Darth Plagueis

In Episode III, Palpatine tells Anakin about an incredibly strong Jedi called Darth Plagueis who could manipulate midi-chlorians and thus create life. He could also prevent people from dying.

In the case of this anecdote, it is a convenient plot point in order to compel Anakin toward the Dark Side in order to protect his love. But theories have been surfacing since before the release of The Force Awakens that Supreme Leader Snoke is this all-powerful Sith Lord.

And it could be the case. It certainly is more likely the case than my absurd Kylo Ren-Snoke connection. Looking again at the scar, it looks as if Snoke’s skull was split wide open. There are other scars across his ugly face, as well. It looks like he has taken the brunt of quite a lot of fights.

It could be the case that his apprentice Darth Sidious cut open little ol’ Snoke’s head, killing him. Then Snoke was able to bring himself back to life with his own Force power. This mastery of his power left him to be the Supreme Leader of the Sith.

Lor San Tekka is Actually Wedge Antilles

Max Von Sydow’s character at the beginning of The Force Awakens is an elusive one. It is uncertain exactly who he is, but he certainly knows of the Galactic Civil War, and he talks about it as if he was there. His official character name is Lor San Tekka. But I don’t think that’s fooling anyone.

Tekka knows Leia and the Rebels. He comments about how he remembers when Leia was referenced as a Princess and not a General. He holds a key piece of information, which I’m assuming Luke entrusted him to keep safe.

So Tekka is kind of a big deal. Who could he actually be, then?

Take this into account: actor Denis Lawson, who portrayed famed Rebel pilot Wedge Antilles in the original trilogy, rejected an offer to come back and reprise his role in The Force Awakens because it would “bore him.”

This means that there was a plan for Wedge Antilles to be in the new film. Could it be the case that he was meant to hold this key piece of star map, and the creative team had to put in a no-name character in his place when Lawson refused to return?

Antilles was the best hot-shot pilot in the Rebellion next to Luke Skywalker. He saved Luke in the original Star Wars, was a key componant of the battle of Hoth, and was part of the second Death Star attack in Episode VI.

With this track record, he seems like the perfect character to be the go-between between Luke and the Resistance. He and Luke were close friends during the Galactic Civil War, so Luke would certainly feel comfortable bestowing such touchy information with him.

Is Lor San Tekka really Wedge Antilles? Probably not, but I’d like to think he was, because that makes way more sense than some random Galactic Civil War veteran holding such a key piece of information that everyone in the galaxy is after.

As always, thanks for reading!


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