Trailer Rundown: Logan, Power Rangers

Two new trailers hit the internet today. Both are second trailers for their respective films, and both presented a lot of new footage, for better or worse.

Case no. 1: Logan, trailer 2.


This trailer is pretty great. Not only is the trailer almost completely new footage, but it sets the stage for the film’s March release very well. The first trailer was to set the tone. This one sets up the plot.

This trailer focuses mainly on the child that Wolverine will have to protect. This film is the young actor’s second role, and it can be seen in her nonverbal acting. That said, it doesn’t look like her acting alone will ruin the film. It is a film about Logan, after all.

The world of the film is also expanded in this trailer, in one particularly interesting way. Elderly Logan and Professor X are living in a world where the exploits of mutants are celebrated in comic books. So…our world?

Overall, the film looks like one of the darkest X-Men installments to date, and yet the film opens with a very Wolverine joke, in which Logan says one thing and does another. Hopefully this balance of light and dark can be struck well, but I don’t think we will see many quips in Logan.

Case no. 2: Power Rangers, trailer 2.

While the second Logan trailer gets me excited about the film, the new trailer for Power Rangers comes across as a word of caution.

Parts of this trailer look good. Seeing and hearing Bryan Cranston and Bill Hader is helpful. RJ Cyler could still save the otherwise charisma-lacking group.

But the dialogue we get in this trailer is questionable at best. There is little energy to it. And the action looks…fine. It looks gaudy and messy, but that may be due to the rapid editing of the trailer itself.

I would make a prediction that Power Rangers will be one of the bigger disappointments of 2017. Hopefully the same won’t be the case for Logan.


As always, thanks for reading!

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—Alex Brannan (@TheAlexBrannan)


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