What to Expect from the 2017 Academy Awards

The 2017 Oscars are mere minutes away. This is the movie nerd Super Bowl. A wonderful night where the Hollywood elite pat each other on the back and make pointed political statements that somebody will be Tweeting about tomorrow.

Here are some things to keep in mind while you watch.


Keep a Tally for La La Land


La La Land has tied the record for the most nominations by a single film (14). To break a second record, the film will have to win 12 of these 14. Keep in mind that two of the nominations are in the same category, so the most the film could possibly win is 13. Will it win 12? Probably not. I highly doubt it. But could it rake in a record-tying 11? Eh, maybe. Put me down for nine.


The Two-Horse Best Actor Race


If you know nothing about the Oscar nominees this year but still want to contribute to conversation at your Oscar party, bring up the Denzel Washington and Casey Affleck Best Actor race. Don’t forget to mention that Washington’s recent Screen Actors Guild win should put him over the top to win the award, but that anything could happen. Just don’t mention a Viggo Mortensen upset, because no one will take you seriously.


Do the Short Subjects Matter?


Yes. Of course they matter. But should you pay attention to these categories? Well aside from many of them being topical (at least four of the shorts across the three categories discuss Syria and the refugee crisis), a lot of them are surprisingly good. If you’re going for Oscar pool picks take Piper in Animated, Extremis for Documentary, and Timecode or Ennemis interieurs for Live Action.


Keep an Eye on Matt Damon


Oscar host Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon have had a long storied history. Now they hate each other, so it is said. Sounds like a publicity stunt in the making. Watch for the two to “butt heads” sometime during the show, perhaps even to the point of an entire staged on-screen bit.


As always, thanks for reading!



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