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A Tribute To Harris Wittels


In the few short weeks that I’ve been commandeering this site, I’ve focused much of my attention on reviewing movies, because movies have been a major influence on my life. A second huge influence for me is comedy. Whether it be stand-up, improv, podcasts, TV, or movies, quality comedy keeps me going. Let’s just say I’d be in a dark place without my daily dose of laughter.


This brings me, ironically, to a moment of sadness. Earlier today (Feb. 19, 2015), comedian, writer, drummer, producer, and podcast host Harris Wittels died from what sources are saying is an overdose. Wittels was 30 years old.


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Quick Update


I have been trying to roll out my predictions for ALL of the 2015 Academy Award categories. I busted through a good portion of them today (Thursday, Feb. 4, although they are dated Jan. 27). Most of the major categories are up on the website already. But I probably won’t finish all of the categories until Saturday or Sunday. When I get them all done, I will create a post that links to every category. So…if you’ve been looking at my posts and want some more help for your Oscar pool ballot, I will be doing the other categories very soon. Thanks for your patience, and, more importantly, thanks for reading.


–Alex Brannan (@TheAlexBrannan)