Box Office Most Wanted

When movies get released to theaters, they are on the right track when they get a “wide release.” This is to say, a movie that opens in over 2,000 theaters domestically (U.S. and Canada). However, some of these wide released movies don’t make money in spite of this theater count. These movies are…The Box Office Most Wanted. Films reviewed here come from Box Office Mojo’s list of “Worst Wide Openings” in 2,000+ theaters, which rank the lowest grossing opening weekends from wide released films.

Box Office Most Wanted is a feature that highlights some of the biggest financial flops of all time in film. The list of films covered by BOMW can be found at Box Office Mojo. The parameters are simple: the film was released in over 2,000+ theaters in its opening weekend, then went on to become one of the 200 lowest grossing opening weekends of all time.

The Box Office Mojo list features some re-released films, which is to say that the film was successful enough to warrant a second theatrical run. These are interesting case studies, but they aren’t really the same as the other films on the list, which were legitimate box office failures on launch. Some of these re-releases will get commentary articles, but this feature series will mainly cover the box office flops.

As far as semantics is concerned, the articles are numbered based on their standing in the Worst Wide Openings list found on Box Office Mojo at the time of the article’s release.



  1. #2 – Delgo
  2. #126 – Dragonball Evolution
  3. #27 – Alone in the Dark
  4. #6 – We Are Your Friends
  5. Bonus Episode: Foodfight! (Budget: $65 million; Box Office: $20,440)


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