Super Bowl 2016 Movie Trailer Roundup

The Super Bowl means one thing. Advertisement. And, you know, sports and such.

With high-profile ad spots comes movie trailers. The Super Bowl is the starting point for many a movie ad campaign, as well as a great place to bolster an already established ad campaign. 2016 is no different. Here are some highlights from the Super Bowl movie trailers.




Deadpool continues its amazing marketing campaign with a pre-Super Bowl spot. Here, we get the superhero’s signature fourth wall breaking crass humor as Ryan Reynolds talks football. He always wanted to be a famous athlete (cut to: Deadpool kicking a grunt criminal in the face). After a general montage of action sequences, Reynolds says, essentially with a wink, “see you this Friday, America.” You’re still making it work, Deadpool.


The Jungle Book


The new spot for The Jungle Book literally attempted to pop out to audiences. Using the black bars that come from the widescreen aspect ratio, the live action Disney characters come out of the screen in a perceptual illusion that makes it appear 3D. It is an interesting concept that sets the trailer apart from others.


Jason Bourne


The new Bourne film trailer begins by exclaiming “You know his name.” The new installment in the hyper-fast paced action franchise has been long awaiting a trailer, and rumor had it that the Super Bowl was going to be the time for it. And that is exactly what we got. Except, the trailer was a very shot spot where not much was revealed, save for a lot of shots of Matt Damon’s face, a single shot of Tommy Lee Jones, and two fist fighting shots.


 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2


There’s a surprising amount of buzz about this sequel. I’m not a fan of TMNT to begin with, so I can’t really comment. But this trailer gives you Megan Fox in a schoolgirl outfit, what may be a shot of Krang, and general Michel Bayhem (although, to be fair he’s only a producer). Honestly, I could care less about this movie.


10 Cloverfield Lane


Another great marketing campaign of the year, just as its predecessor before it, 10 Cloverfield Lane’s Super Bowl spot is as concealing as its initial trailer, which came out of nowhere a few weeks ago. In this trailer, it is revealed that John Goodman’s character saved Mary Elizabeth Winstead and John Gallagher Jr. from the horrors of the outside and kept them in the bomb shelter environment shown in the first trailer. We also get a look at the outside world, but it doesn’t show much, aside from an intensifying white light behind a house as Winstead looks on in awe.


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