House of Cards Season Five Episode Ten Recap & Review

The Underwood administration is in the middle of handling the congressional investigation on them. At the center of this investigation is Alex Romero (James Martinez), who has been working behind the scenes to leverage his political position over the course of the season. Now, he might have his shot.


Meanwhile, Aidan Macallan (Damian Young) remains a problem for the administration and Leann Harvey (Neve Campbell). Namely, it is a situation that is almost certain to culminate in the end of her career unless she can do something about the leak. Unfortunately, that leak just so happens to be someone she’s had a past with.

Doug Stamper (Michael Kelly) continues to deal with skeletons in his closet that have come back to haunt him. He stalks Lisa Williams (Kate Lyn Sheil), an old friend and lover of Rachel Posner (Rachel Brosnahan), but he can’t pull the trigger on disposing of her.

This episode of the season is all about loyalty. Everyone speaks behind each other’s backs and then the people they are speaking to relay that information back to the people whose backs are turned. As a result, it becomes confusing as to who wants what and why. And in the end it seems like everyone knows that they are being manipulated in some way, so why is any of this happening anyway?

Out of all of these double-crossing strands, the most intriguing (and I know I’m starting to sound like a broken record here) come from Romero and the icy Mark Usher (Campbell Scott). Even that Usher’s new label as “special advisor” is getting under Stamper’s skin is an interesting tidbit.

Small moments of intrigue elevate this episode. Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) admitting Frank’s crimes to Thomas Yates (Paul Sparks). Macallan returning to Harvey, if only just to say that he’s out (it is never quite that easy, of course).

And a brief reappearance of the former president, whom Frank mercilessly usurped, caps off the episode wonderfully.


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—Alex Brannan (@TheAlexBrannan)


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