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Trailer Rundown: Thor: Ragnarok

These days, it is hard to get one’s cynical blood pumping over a superhero movie.

I’m still not getting my hopes up. But…


The new teaser for Thor: Ragnarok dropped today, and boy is it a romp. Thor gets Continue reading Trailer Rundown: Thor: Ragnarok

Trailer Rundown: It, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Valerian

Reboots. Sequels. Reboots of reboots that had sequels.

Then there’s Valerian and the City of Long Movie Titles. Oh, that’s a comic book adaptation? At least it looks pretty.

Luc Besson (“legendary director,” according to some marketing campaigns) has a new film coming out this year. Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets (do the 1,000 planets have cities? do those cities have planets inside of them? we may never know).

Besson is best known for a great crime film, The Professional, and a slightly over-rated, imaginative science fiction cult hit The Fifth Element. He also made Lucy, but let’s not talk about it.


Valerian looks like a spiritual sequel to The Fifth Element. The new trailer for the film, admittedly, looks quite beautiful on a computer generated level.

There is also no reason to believe that the film will hold up in Continue reading Trailer Rundown: It, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Valerian

Trailer Rundown Super Bowl Edition: Transformers and Ghost in the Shell

We’ve made it folks. We have seen trailers belabor the point more and more over the course of the 21st century, slowly inching their way to three minutes in length (or more), revealing endings and plot twists because marketing departments don’t care about spoilers (money…they care about money).

We have seen trailers for trailers, which is to say snippets of a trailer that play at the beginning of a trailer just in case you forgot that you were about to watch a trailer and were about to click away from the video on Youtube. Studios that believe every internet-perusing teen is a coked-up ADHD mental case that can’t sit still for two seconds have both elongated the movie trailer and shortened it into what are essentially GIFs waiting to happen.


Now we are on the verge of America’s most indulgent Holiday since Thanksgiving went out of style in the 1960s: the Super Bowl. Get your beer and your buffalo wings ready, because this Sunday we are about to get some Continue reading Trailer Rundown Super Bowl Edition: Transformers and Ghost in the Shell

Rogue One (2016) Teaser Trailer Reaction & Review

The teaser trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story dropped this morning, and I certainly am not alone in saying that it looks like the depiction of the universe that fans wanted to see back in 1999.


The Force Awakens was an event in 2015, one that will be in the hearts and minds of Star Wars fans for a long time (at least, until Episode VIII comes out). But TFA took the Star Wars universe and expanded it linearly. Rogue One is planning to Continue reading Rogue One (2016) Teaser Trailer Reaction & Review

Fantastic Four Teaser Trailer Reaction

Nowadays, pretty much any superhero movie being backed by a major studio becomes a spring/summer blockbuster. Somewhat surprisingly, the superhero genre of action films has started producing really good movies on a more consistent basis.I can’t think of a superhero comic book adaptation post-Green Lantern that drew unanimous distaste from audiences. This being said, 2015’s new Fantastic Four film is a reboot of some of the worst superhero movies out there. Continue reading Fantastic Four Teaser Trailer Reaction