2015 Academy Award Predictions — Live Action Short Film


The Nominees:

  • Aya — Oded Binnum, Mihal Brezis
  • Boogaloo and Graham — Michael Lennox, Ronan Blaney
  • Butter Lamp — Wei Hu, Julien Feret
  • Parvaneh — Talkhon Hamzavi, Stefan Echenberger
  • The Phone Call — Mat Kirkby, James Lucas


Will Win: The Phone Call

Could Win: Boogaloo and Graham

Dark Horse: Any of them


The short subject categories are always hard to predict, and I haven’t seen all of these yet. So…this is going to be hard. The Phone Call seems like the favorite. It stars Sally Hawkins and Jim Broadbent, two solid actors, and has a number of festival awards under its belt already. Boogaloo and Graham did recently win the BAFTA for best British Short Film, which just might give it some traction. But, when it comes down to it, any of these films could win.

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