Star Wars Jar Jar Binks Sith Fan Theory Explained/Reaction

On the Star Wars subreddit, a post from Lumpawarroo quickly become one of the top ten reddit posts of all time. This post was about Star Wars character Jar Jar Binks.


Yes, that Jar Jar Binks. The character that ruined Star Wars for everybody back in 1999 with The Phantom Menace.


However, he may have been much more than meets the eye. Looking back on the prequel films, Lumpawarroo developed an extensive fan theory that posits that Jar Jar is really a powerful Sith Lord.


I know, that sounds crazy. But…the theory holds some water.


I will link to the reddit post here so that you can read it over, as I won’t be explaining it in full.


Essentially, what the theory boils down to is that Jar Jar’s entire character was a ruse to convince the Jedi Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon that he was harmless, thus allowing him access to Anakin, Padme, and eventually the power that he inherits throughout the prequels.


This ruse goes all the way to his stumbling mannerisms and his fighting style, which appears to just be dumb luck allowing him to survive as he mows people down. Lumpawarroo compares this to an actual fighting technique known as Zui Quan, or Drunken Fist (think Jackie Chan in The Drunken Master).


There are multiple examples that Lumpawarroo cites of Jar Jar using force techniques such as the force jump and Jedi mind control. To be fair, I am iffy on believing these. Jar Jar’s mouth moving when other people are talking doesn’t sway me enough to believe he has Jedi mind control, and the whole scene with him “force jumping” off the balcony could just be egregious CG continuity errors that no one bothered to fix (even if the droids look like they’re shooting where Jar Jar used to be).


If the Jedi mind control thing were to be true, though, it would certainly explain why such a dim-witted alien would rise the ranks of intergalactic government.


What strikes my fancy with this theory is Lucas’ vision of his characters. Lumpawarroo cites that Lucas viewed the character of Yoda, way back in the original trilogy days, as a character who appears “insignificant” but who turns out to be a “master wizard.”


Lucas would later look to Jar Jar as “the key to all of this” in regards to the success of the prequels. Of course, he said this in passing, but perhaps Jar Jar was meant to be something much bigger: an evil foil to Yoda. Lumpawarroo suggests that Doku was a last ditch replacement for Jar Jar in Attack of the Clones when fans reacted extremely negatively to Jar Jar after The Phantom Menace.


I would have liked to see a prequel trilogy where the most hated good character by fans would turn out to be the greatest villain (if only to see the fan reaction to it). But, if Lucas’ vision was to unmask Jar Jar as a Sith, he made the clues far too subtle and had to scrap the whole plan when people had a backlash against the character.


I think, as extensive as the theory is in terms of evidence, the theory gives Lucas too much credit. Jar Jar was simply a poorly conceived character, and people will look hard to find a satisfactory explanation as to why he was so poor.


The theory ends by claiming that Jar Jar is really the supreme Sith lord Snoke in the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens.


This, I think, takes the theory way too far. J.J. Abrams would be signing his career suicide note by bringing Jar Jar back in any form to the first new Star Wars film in a decade. He even considered killing the Gungan off and spreading his bones in the background of the film somewhere.


In the end, this fan theory is absurd, and almost certainly untrue. But the presence of multiple pieces of evidence on the part of Lumpawarroo is impressive. And it certainly makes one want to go back and re-watch the prequels, suffering through them just to be on the lookout for any more pieces of evidence.


As always, thanks for reading!


What do you think of this theory? Have any evidence of your own to throw in the ring? Let me know in the comments!



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