Academy Awards Predictions 2017 – Best Live Action Short Film

Alas, the Academy-nominated short films have not made their way to screens in my area yet. I have had the privilege of seeing and reviewing two of these Oscar short films, but of course this is not enough to give a full-fledged summary of the field as a whole.

Keep this in my mind as I do my best to traverse this category half-blind.

Update: I saw them…let’s do this.


Best Live Action Short Film:

Will Win: Timecode

Could Win: Mindenki

Dark Horse: Ennemis Interieurs


Update: To be honest, after seeing all five of the nominees, I still find myself leaning toward the two I had previously seen, Mindenki and Timecode.

All five films have their merits, but this Oscar race is a question of what dictates the Academy. If it is a matter of visual display, any of them could win. If it is a matter of narrative, Mindenki or Silent Nights could win. If it is a matter of tone, Timecode‘s delightful lightheartedness will give it the win.

Of course, I tend to lean toward the two films that I have seen, because I can attest to the quality of them. For the rest, I am narrowed into the hole of paratexts.

Ennemis Interieurs is a film made by a sound editor. This is the director’s first stab at writing and directing a film, so the lack of experience outside of the sound expertise may stilt the film; or perhaps it is a great film and the Academy will want to honor a first-time director for a job well done.

Silent Nights, on the other hand, is from two-time Oscar winning producer Kim Magnusson. Perhaps this will translate to a film worthy of giving Magnusson a third award. Or…the Academy will want to honor a first-time director for a job well done.

Timecode and Mindenki are both great. Simple, sweet, beautifully shot.

We’ll have to see where this category goes over the course of the next month, but for now I have no definitive choice for you guys.


As always, thanks for reading!

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—Alex Brannan (@TheAlexBrannan)


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