Weekend Box Office Predictions: 3/17-3/19

This weekend sees the release of yet another Disney juggernaut, Beauty and the Beast. Next to that is a much smaller new release in Blumhouse Tilt’s The Belko Experiment.

Vying for attention outside of the new kids on the block are a number of healthy box office contenders. Kong: Skull Island and Logan are two big box office draws still looking good in their second and third weekends. And Get Out remains strong as the genre engine that could.

How will the two newcomers fare in this market? Well…let’s just plop of photo here to break up the text before we get to the answer to that question…


Box Office Predictions: Weekend of 3/17

  1. Beauty and the Beast – $160 million
  2. Kong: Skull Island – $30 million
  3. Logan – $14 million
  4. Get Out – $9 million
  5. The Shack – $4.5 million


The Belko Experiment is going to be duking it out at the bottom of this top five. Being released in only 1,300-some theaters doesn’t help its cause, which will likely force it out of the top five. It will hit the sixth spot just underneath The Shack.

The problem with Blumhouse’s release is that they probably weren’t expecting such good business with Get Out (which is a Blumhouse production distributed by Universal). With two horror-thriller genre pictures in contention, The Belko Experiment will likely lose some business to Get Out, which only dropped in the 26% range last weekend

Beauty and the Beast, on the other hand, is the heavy hitter of the weekend. It is the clear number one after negative reception for Kong. Reports suggest it could have a record breaking opening in terms of March releases. Pre-sales have been huge, apparently, so we shall see.


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—Alex Brannan (@TheAlexBrannan)


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