Weekend Box Office Predictions: 3/24-3/26

Last weekend saw the record-breaking opening of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, which raked in a phenomenal $174 million. The film broke the record for best March opening weekend and the best opening for a PG-rated film, beating out last year’s Finding Dory by almost $40 million.

Beast‘s lack of competition guaranteed it this large opening. This weekend, we see the release of four wide release films, according to Box Office Mojo. The biggest of these four is Saban and Lionsgate’s Power Rangers, which has received a sizable marketing campaign to rival Disney’s.

Other releases include the sports pic Slamma Jamma, the comedy ChiPs, and the space thriller Life, all three of which are opening in less theaters than Power Rangers and Beauty and the Beast.

With the large quantity of competition, how far will Beauty and the Beast drop?


Box Office Predictions: Weekend of 3/24

  1. Beauty and the Beast – $95 million
  2. Power Rangers – $55 million
  3. Life – $32 million
  4. Kong: Skull Island – $12 million
  5. ChiPs – $12 million


It is clear that Beauty and the Beast will remain number one. Even a 50% drop would keep the film just under $100 million in its second weekend. Power Rangers can only dream to make those numbers.

Slamma Jamma won’t have enough theater coverage to make it into the top five, and it will be lucky to make into the top ten given its lack of marketing.

But ChiPs may slip into the five spot due to the other films in contention entering their fourth or fifth weekend. Logan and Get Out, despite great box office runs, are starting to get pushed off of screens to make way for these new releases.

Life is an interesting case. It is a smaller genre picture. But it has some star power behind it. It has been marketed pretty strongly, and the early reviews are mostly positive. We should see Life sneak into third place, particularly given Kong‘s less-than-stellar reception.


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—Alex Brannan (@TheAlexBrannan)


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