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Ranking the Films of Christopher Nolan

This weekend, Christopher Nolan’s latest feature Dunkirk debuted in theaters nationwide. The film depicts the ill-fated evacuation of Dunkirk during World War II. With this film’s release, we look back at the filmography of Christopher Nolan and rank his films from 10 to one.

Whelp, no need to belabor the point any further:


10. The Dark Night Rises


Nolan’s conclusion to his Dark Knight Trilogy, the revamp of Bob Kane’s Batman that breathed new life into the DC universe on the big screen, is certainly the Continue reading Ranking the Films of Christopher Nolan

Dark Night (2017) Movie Review

The opening shot of Tim Sutton’s Dark Night, coming after almost a minute of music playing over a black screen, is a beautiful yet unceremoniously conventional shot. It is the reflexive kino eye shot, showing the awareness of artifice and mediation within a filmic representation.

Gorgeous red and blue neon washes over the eye of an onlooker. We can see the approaching police car in her pupil. It is tragedy in a snapshot; fundamentally artistic even if the eyeball shot has appeared everywhere from Un Chien Andalou to LOST.


Dark Night chronicles the lives of those affected by the 2012 Aurora shooting that took place in a Colorado screening of the film The Dark Knight Rises. The film is proposed as a Continue reading Dark Night (2017) Movie Review