Initial Reactions to the 2016 Golden Globe Nominations

The nominations for the 2016 Golden Globes were announced today. The GGs is generally looked at as the award ceremony that kicks off award season proper and a precursor for what films will be tapped for Academy Award nominations.

Here are my initial reactions after reading the nominee list.

Mad Max Gets Some Recognition


Going into award season, I was unsure what the HFPA and the Academy would make of the Summer critical hit Mad Max: Fury Road. The film is visually stunning, and was always likely to nab technical noms at the Oscars. Now, given its Golden Globe nominations for Best Picture – Drama and Best Director, it could easily be recognized in these same categories come February.

Spotlight Gets Snubbed


What some considered to be the award season favorite, Spotlight did get nominations in the highest category, as well as getting recognized for screenwriting and directing. However, the film that has won multiple Best Ensemble Cast awards this year received zero nominations in the acting categories. The spot that would be held by Michael Keaton has been filled by Will Smith for Concussion, a film that is getting far less buzz than Spotlight.

At least Mark Ruffalo earned a nomination, only it is for a different film, Infinitely Polar Bear.

The Good Dinosaur Secures a Nomination


Given my predictions for Academy Award nominations, I was torn between The Good Dinosaur and When Marnie Was There for the final nominee position. Now I know that The Good Dinosaur has more of an edge come Oscar time. Sorry, Studio Ghibli.

I Need to Watch Some Foreign Films


Of all the foreign films nominated this year, I was only previously aware of one, Son of Saul. Though I still think it is the favorite to win this and the Oscar, I need to catch myself up on some of the other entries.

Furious 7 Earns A Nomination (And it Has Nothing to do With Cars)


Action franchise installment Furious 7 earned one Golden Globe nomination, and it is for Best Original Song. The song, performed by Wiz Khalifa, was commissioned for the film to be a tribute to the late Paul Walker, who died tragically before the film finished production.

The song appears at the end of the film, where Walker is posthumously paid tribute to using his brothers and CG technology to recreate his image. The scene depicts–while the nominated song plays–series protagonists Dom (Vin Deisel) and Brian (Walker) racing each other briefly before driving off in different directions, signalling the retirement of Walker’s character. It is a surprisingly heartfelt scene given it appears in a film franchise dedicated to car stunts.

Most surprising about this development is that the song has a good shot at winning the award. A Billboard hit, reaching number one in 12 nonconsecutive weeks, “See You Again” has been nominated for Best Song of the Year for next year’s Grammy awards.

Carol is Our New Frontrunner


Carol earned the most nominations out of any film, with a total of five. It seems that Spotlight‘s award stock is slipping, as it only earned three. The Revenant and The Big Short both earned four noms, showing their staying power heading into the Academy Awards. But it is definitely Carol that is the film to see this Holiday season if you want to stay abreast of award season films.


As always, thanks for reading!

—Alex Brannan (@TheAlexBrannan)

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