A Bad Moms Christmas (2017) Movie Review

Is this funny?:

  • Having a child unknowingly describe sex as if it is a fight between mommy and daddy, because this has never happened in a movie before
  • Calling a woman with a uni-brow a “Sasquatch”
  • Having a grown person take a hit from a joint while ironically exclaiming that she is being more responsible

  • A character whose anti-Semitism is only trumped by her racism

  • A Kenny G reference (in 2017)
  • Using the term “dicking around” a dozen times in one scene
  • Santa lap dance!
  • Susan Sarandon playing a terrible and abandoning mother (ok, this is pretty great. Susan Sarandon is a treasure.)
  • Five-hour long Russian plays (the joke so good they made it twice…and then explained why it’s funny)
  • Cheryl Hines (I’m breaking from the sarcasm here, Hines actually does quite well with what little she’s given)
  • While we’re breaking the facade, the two scenes involving Kathryn Hahn and a well-endowed male stripper (played with an unflappable grin by Justin Hartley) rise to a level of raunchy comedy that succeeds more than every other gag in the film put together
  • Ok, back to the cynical sarcasm:
  • Multiple montages set to pop music where nothing of import occurs
  • Western standoff music used outside of a Western film
  • A running gag about waxing vaginas, where the punchline of the joke is that a character’s job is to wax vaginas (see how that isn’t really a joke at all when you break it down…you know)
  • A film that has to convince us its funny by putting lines in the script where characters compliment each other for being funny
  • A second Kenny G joke
  • A desperate attempt at cashing in on a financially successful comedy by churning out a holiday-themed sequel a year after the first film came out
  • A big overblown party that is set up in the beginning as if it is the climactic end to a narrative arc, when really there isn’t much of an arc at all and this “climactic” party is more of a two-minute scene with little to no repercussions
  • Bad moms who really want to be good moms who can’t stand their bad moms who are really good moms deep down
  • Wrapping this half-baked Christmas gift in a pathos bow too little too late
  • Setting up a sequel that I’d much rather see than this film
  • An hilarious Kenny G cameo (because, you know, the rule of threes)


A Bad Moms Christmas: C-


As always, thanks for reading!

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—Alex Brannan (@TheAlexBrannan)


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