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2016 Academy Awards Predictions – Best Documentary

The Best Documentary category has developed into one of the more elusive categories at the Oscars. The Academy has a recent history of honoring the more lighthearted pieces of nonfiction film. Three of the past five years’ winners have been films that avoid politics or heavy issues.

This year, all five nominees deal with heavy issues to various degrees. And two of the three emerging frontrunners appear to be the most heavy of the lot. The Look of Silence and Cartel Land are hailed critically, and appear to be powerful enough films to elicit Academy recognition.

At least, that is the hope.


The Look of Silence is Joshua Oppenheimer’s follow up to 2012’s The Act of Killing.  The sequel may not Continue reading 2016 Academy Awards Predictions – Best Documentary

Top Ten Movies of 2015

Lists are always difficult. I find it nearly impossible to whittle down a large body of films into a list of ten. An honorable mention addendum would be longer than the top ten itself.

Additionally, I haven’t seen all the films I want/need to see from 2015. For example, as it stands now, The Revenant is in limited release, and won’t be widely available until after the New Year. It very likely could wind up being one of my top ten favorites of the year, but it can’t show up on this list.

Here are my top ten movies of 2015.

10. Sicario


The gritty crime drama Sicario was completely Continue reading Top Ten Movies of 2015