[Quickie] See This Movie: Kung Fury (2015)


Kung Fury is a 30 minute, throwback spectacle of an action comedy. It is epic in its absurdity. A Miami cop (David Sandberg), after witnessing the death of his partner, who he claims is like a father to him, becomes a kung-fu master after he is struck by lightning and bitten by a cobra. He then must travel back in time to assassinate Hitler after the Fuhrer guns down the police chief.




Sandberg plays the cop gruff and merciless in the best over-the-top way. He is the ultimate lone wolf, speaking only in gruff whispers. It works perfectly with the parodical nature of the film.


Kung Fury pays homage to crime and kung-fu films of the 1980s. Computers are ancient, and a character named Hackerman uses a Nintendo Powerglove to send Kung Fury back in time.


The film is relentless in its pacing. The entire course of the plot shifts from moment to moment, leaving everything to be an utter farce with little nuggets of comedy gold strewn about throughout.


It is hard to be critical of a short film like this, simply due to its utterly nonsensical nature. Sure, there could have been more refined jokes in it; the homages could have been tighter with more direct references (the direct references we do get are delightful for those who can catch them, such as the deep cut reference to Theodore Rex). Yet, the film works wonders in its loose format and sheer lack of continuity.


The Post-Script

Kung Fury is an absurdity beyond words. It is something that simply must be witnessed.


As always, thanks for reading!


Have you seen Kung Fury? If so, what did you think? Let me know in the comments!

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