2016 Academy Awards Predictions – Best Costume Design

Often, the Best Costume Design category goes to the film that is a period piece with the most lush costume choice. This year is no different (most likely).

An argument can be made for why Mad Max is a frontrunner in this category, but I find it highly unlikely that such a film will win. And the furry 1800s chic of The Revenant is far from the gold here, as well.


What we are left with are three period pieces with decadent costuming. Between them, it appears to be a battle between Cinderella and CarolCinderella may have the most vibrant costuming choices of the lot, considering it is a fantasy adaptation, but it is also the film’s sole nomination.

Carol has more conservative costuming compared to Cinderella, but it is a film that was snubbed in a few major categories, including Best Picture. As a result, it seems that the Academy has skimmed over Carol.

In the end, the race comes down to a toss up between the two. And, get this, both films share the same costume designer. It seems that Sandy Powell will most likely walk away with an Oscar either way.

Update: The Costume Designers Guild held their award ceremony recently, awarding The Danish Girl for best costuming in a period piece and Mad Max: Fury Road for best costuming in a fantasy film. With this, Carol is ostensibly out of the race, given its loss to The Danish Girl. And the question now becomes who will win between Cinderella and Mad Max: Fury Road. This has officially become the closest category to call in the entire show. I’m sticking with my guns and choosing Cinderella, but be aware that Mad Max has a very good chance of pulling the upset here.



Will Win: Cinderella

Could Win: Mad Max: Fury Road

Dark Horse: Carol


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As always, thanks for reading!

—Alex Brannan (@TheAlexBrannan)

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