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Anomalisa (2015) Movie Review

Anomalisa begins on chatter over a black screen. This chatter is clearly multiple people, but the voices are distinctly similar to each other. This fades in on a lush cloudscape with an airplane emerging out of the grey. Inside the plane is Michael Stone (David Thewlis), a man famous for writing a book about good customer service.


Michael lives in a world of isolation. On a trip to give a self-help speech, he is completely Continue reading Anomalisa (2015) Movie Review

2016 Academy Awards Predictions – Best Animated FIlm

The Best Animated Film category at the Academy Awards almost always comes down to two movies if it isn’t already a clear-cut decision going into the night. In the case of 2016, there is a definitive shoe-in candidate.


That candidate is  Continue reading 2016 Academy Awards Predictions РBest Animated FIlm