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Elle (2016) Movie Review

Elle opens on the immediate aftermath of a rape. More specifically, Paul Verhoeven’s film opens on protagonist Elle (Isabelle Huppert) cleaning up afterwards as a means of hiding the crime’s existence. Her nonchalance over the issue becomes an anomaly. “I guess I was raped” is how she breaks the news to her closest friends. The police are never involved.


Yet she prepares herself for another attack. She sleeps with a hammer by her pillow. She purchases pepper spray and a hatchet.

Elle is a slow-burn thriller about the nature of power. Elle’s character is introduced as a bifurcated one, trapped between Continue reading Elle (2016) Movie Review

2017 Golden Globes Predictions – Best Foreign Language Picture

Full disclosure: I have not seen any of these films yet. I’ll update this article as I do, but until then, let’s just look at the trends. They still count for something.


Best Foreign Language Picture

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