2015 Academy Award Predictions — Supporting Actress

Note: I have covered the four acting categories in depth here.

The Nominees:

  • Patricia Arquette — Boyhood
  • Laura Dern — Wild
  • Keira Knightley — The Imitation Game
  • Emma Stone — Birdman
  • Meryl Streep — Into the Woods


Will Win: Patricia Arquette

Could Win: Emma Stone

Should Win: Patricia Arquette


There has been plenty of buzz over Emma Stone in Birdman, and I don’t really know why. Her performance was fine, sure, but I hardly think that it is Oscar-worthy. This category really comes down to Patricia Arquette. She’s campaigning for a movie that has a good shot at winning top honors, and her role in it was fantastic and emotional. The category itself is fairly thin in terms of competition. Even Meryl Streep seems like a long-shot, despite her label as an Academy favorite. I am glad to see that Laura Dern got a nod here, but it is highly implausible that she will win. This is Arquette’s statue, plain and simple.

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