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The Flop House Trilogy: Head of the Family (1996) Movie Review

We continue our Halloween Horror trilogy, in which we discuss the three films oft-recommended by Stuart Wellington on the comedy podcast The Flop House. In this installment, we talk aboutĀ Head of the Family, an exploitation horror film in its truest form.


The person behind Full Moon Features, home to many Continue reading The Flop House Trilogy: Head of the Family (1996) Movie Review

Evil Bong (2006) is a Masterpiece

To those whom it may concern, spoilers forĀ Evil Bong.

Alistair (David Weidoff) is a nerd; we can tell from his symmetrically parted hair, glasses, and pocket protector. Alistair moves in with three cool bros named Larnell (John Patrick Jordan), Bachman (Mitch Eakins), and Brett (Brian Lloyd); we know they’re cool because they lift five-pound weights, eat red meat, and always ask if you’re a narc before letting you into their crib.


Our heroes are tragic figures. Bachman’s seashell busted from mishandling, he is destined never to hear the ocean again. Once primed to be a major leaguer, Brett lost his shot at stardom due to Continue reading Evil Bong (2006) is a Masterpiece