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Office Christmas Party (2016) Movie Review

Office Christmas Party. No synopsis required.

Except, the film presents itself as if there needs to be a thorough plot for this raucous party comedy. A struggling tech company faces layoffs due to sibling rivalry, the newly divorced CTO (Jason Bateman) is…yadda yadda yadda.


Office Christmas Party is slow to get started. The premise and characters are Continue reading Office Christmas Party (2016) Movie Review

Box Office Most Wanted Ep. 2: #126 – Dragonball Evolution

Box Office Most Wanted is a series dedicated to discussing some of the lowest grossing films of all time. The list of films can be found, and are ranked according to, the Box Office Mojo list of the “Worst Openings – Very Wide,” which is to say the lowest grossing opening weekends from films released in 2,000+ theaters domestically (U.S. and Canada).

Dragonball Evolution

  • Release Date – April 10, 2009
  • Production Budget – Unknown (est. $45 million)
  • Size of Release – 2,181 theaters
  • Opening Weekend Box Office – $4,756,488
  • Total Box Office – $9,362,785
  • 126th lowest box office opening in a wide release ever



The writer apologized for it. The creator of the property from which it was based refuses to even use the property’s name to describe itDragonball Evolution was a major creative failure. Let’s talk about it! Continue reading Box Office Most Wanted Ep. 2: #126 – Dragonball Evolution