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2016 Academy Awards Predictions – Best Director

The Best Director Oscar is already in the bag. The group of five all have their directorial merits (though some of the nominations were surprising to me).  The five movies represented are all worth seeing. But only one person is truly the standout to earn the golden statue.


That person is Continue reading 2016 Academy Awards Predictions – Best Director

Room (2015) Movie Review


In Room, a mother (Brie Larson) and son Jack (Jacob Tremblay) are held captive in a tool shed that they call Room. The mother has been there for seven years. Jack is five years old, and he has never set foot outside of Room in his entire life.




Room is a story of resilience and undying familial love. It is about a woman coping with stress under extreme trauma while also having to successfully raise a child. It is also Continue reading Room (2015) Movie Review