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Downsizing (2017) Movie Review

Alexander Payne’s latest is a sci-fi comic drama about a man named Paul Safranek (Matt Damon) who decides to engage in the biggest scientific innovation since the Apollo space program: Downsizing.

Downsizing, or “going small,” is the process of shrinking one’s body down to five inches and moving to one of many small communities, a “magical” place where everything is cheaper because the quantity the consumer requires is smaller (although, economy isn’t all about quantity…if there’s a demand for small diamonds, wouldn’t the price of small diamonds go up regardless? But I digress).


Downsizing has a sprawling plot. For a film about shrinking a person and putting them under a glass dome, there is a lot of movement. Too much, to be frank. The first act of the film is firmly planted in Continue reading Downsizing (2017) Movie Review

2018 Golden Globes Predictions – Best Supporting Actress

This year, the two supporting acting categories are steeped with talent. Thankfully, both categories also have a few clear favorites that will rise to the surface and make my job a little easier. In my mind, Best Supporting Actress is already in the books. Then again, apparent certainty can blind one to other variables, so maybe take a grain of salt or two on this one.