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In the Heights (2021) Movie Review

In the Heights is the first big post-pandemic movie to feel like a theatrical event. That was my experience, anyway. And this is coming from someone who’s never seen the stage play from Lin-Manuel Miranda and Quiara Algeria Hudes. Someone who has only a passing knowledge of film musicals in general.

Tenet was pushed early in the pandemic as the theatrical savior (I recall the whole world chanting in chorus, “if Chris Nolan can’t do it, then who can”). That proved to be too early and, frankly, not nearly splashy enough for a blockbuster. Just last weekend, A Quiet Place Part II and Cruella sparked life into an American box office which had been more or less comatose for over a year. The former is a popcorn-munching thriller with its pluses and minuses (I can’t speak to the latter). But it’s not In the Heights.


Jon M. Chu’s follow-up to the lavish and vibrant Crazy Rich Asians doubles down on the extravagance, painting the blocks of Washington Heights, NYC with lively choreography and the occasional cinematic flourish. The film feels Continue reading In the Heights (2021) Movie Review

2017 Academy Awards Nomination Predictions – Best Original Song

Best Original Song: the Grammy award of Academy Awards. I always am fascinated by what the Academy does with this category. Films yield very different styles of song, so much so that it often feels inappropriate to compare them to each other in an awards category. But that is exactly what we are here to do.


Best Original Song

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2017 Golden Globes Predictions – Best Original Song

If there is any film category at this year’s Golden Globes where money is safe picking the upset, it is Best Original Song. This category has a lot of musical talent behind it—Justin Timberlake, Danger Mouse and Iggy Pop, Stevie Wonder, Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Best Original Song award nominees usually run the gamut, with songs that break into mainstream radio play, songs that are featured in musicals, and songs that supplement animated films. This year is no different. Let’s take a look at who could win this year.


Best Original Song

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