2018 Academy Awards Predictions – Best Costume Design

Best Costume Design is never the hardest category to predict. In general, the most ornate or baroque costuming lends itself to a winning film. Most years, there are only one or two clear front-runners to choose from.

This year is not entirely different, but there are a few different scenarios in which this category could go.


The Nominees:

Will Win: Phantom Thread

Could Win: Beauty and the Beast

Should Win: Phantom Thread


So, Phantom Thread is a film that embeds itself in the couture world. The movie is about a relationship centered around dress making. As such, it is hard to see Paul Thomas Anderson’s film not winning.

If anything is going to upset it, it will probably be Beauty and the Beast. The film yields some fantastical costume design that is vibrant and ornate. But this film is not as big of an Oscar film. Phantom Thread is seeing a wider release currently, and its stock is destined to rise, however marginally. That PTA received a Best Director nod is a clear sign of this.

Aside from Beauty and the Beast, I don’t know what would upend Phantom Thread in this category. It is the film to beat, certainly.


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—Alex Brannan (@TheAlexBrannan)


One thought on “2018 Academy Awards Predictions – Best Costume Design”

  1. For me, with a few exceptions, I wasn’t that crazy about the clothes that Reynolds the clothing designer put out. While the pretty pink frothy dress on your page looks lovely, I’m thinking especially of his design for the actor I loved in Notting Hill, Gina McKee. The dress Reynolds supposedly designed for the Countess Henrietta Harding was stiff, severe and not at all flattering. Of course, the actual designer Mark Bridges, had much more than Reynolds’ designs to tackle and I’m sure you’re right about it winning. Beauty and the Beast was released so long ago, it’s hard to remember it even came out in the same year!


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