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Weekend Box Office Predictions: 6/10 – 6/12

This weekend sees three new wide release films to counter last week’s three wide release films that had varying degrees of success. Warcraft, The Conjuring 2, and Now You See Me 2 all look to duke it out for top five spots against the onslaught of Summer films that hang on from week to week.


I just got out of a nearly sold out screening of The Conjuring 2 on a Thursday in a huge theater. Based on that, Continue reading Weekend Box Office Predictions: 6/10 – 6/12

Warcraft (2016) Movie Review

There has been a war between Orcs and Humans as long as anyone can remember. Thus is the world of Warcraft (pun. apologies.). We follow an Orc warrior in tow with his warring clan as well as his wife and child to be. We also follow a band of humans who are combating the oncoming onslaught of Orcs using the magical guidance of the Guardian (Ben Foster). There is also a Halfling (Paula Patton) (which is to say, half Orc, half human) who is caught in the middle of these warring races.


The film throws you into a narrative already in motion, in medias res as is the fantasy genre standard. The problem with this in this particular instance is Continue reading Warcraft (2016) Movie Review

2016 Summer Box Office Predictions

Last year, I took part in a game of Summer box office predictions. The end result was that I won a competition at Trivia Club with said predictions, which was a huge surprise because I didn’t even get the number one film correct. Thanks, Trivia Club!


Long story short, I just don’t know when to get out. Below you will find my predictions for what 10 films will get the highest take at the domestic box office in Summer 2016, followed by a bit of explanation on my choices. But first, Continue reading 2016 Summer Box Office Predictions