2018 Academy Awards Predictions – Best Supporting Actor Nominees

The Oscars Best Supporting Actor category is one that has yet to be narrowed down. There are a couple of sure-things. There is also plenty of upset potential. The well of actors in the category runs deep. Let’s try to figure it out!


The Nominees:

In the Hunt:


Dafoe and Rockwell are in. No debate. Hammer is highly likely. Jenkins is a relatively safe bet.

It’s that fifth slot that is giving me trouble. Stuhlbarg and Harrelson are strong performers in movies that are carried by strong performances. But their co-stars in this same category are more of a sure-thing. The Academy may skip over both of them to give another movie some attention.

I think that movie could be Mudbound. It is an ensemble film with a number of strong performances. The Academy may want to honor it somehow, and Mitchell is the choice. The film is also likely to receive a nomination by way of Mary J. Blige, though.

I still find All the Money in the World to be a questionable award season pick. Plummer does a fine job in the film for the speedy turnaround, and there is a spot in the top five that he could fill. Maybe it is because I would personally rather see Stuhlbarg than Plummer in that spot, but I can’t picture the top five with Plummer in it.

Either way, I put Stuhlbarg in the top five with nothing other than caution.


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—Alex Brannan (@TheAlexBrannan)


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