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Daddy’s Home 2 (2017) Movie Review

There is a moment early on in Daddy’s Home 2 where Will Ferrell’s character walks into the house after he and his “co-dad” Dusty (Mark Wahlberg) pick up their fathers (John Lithgow and Mel Gibson) at the airport and exclaims: “We’re back…with more daddies.”daddys-home-2-review

That is all the summation necessary. From here, the film moves from location to location with only the slightest amount of Continue reading Daddy’s Home 2 (2017) Movie Review

Academy Awards Predictions 2017 – Best Director

Here’s what you hear every year about the Best Director Academy Awards category when it comes to Oscar pools: Best Director and Best Picture always go to the same film.

This is true to an extent, yes. Then again…2016, 2013, 2006…

So, on that note, will the clear favorite for Best Picture repeat with Best Director?


Best Director:

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2017 Golden Globe Predictions – Best Director

How do you judge the merits of a director? Is it the attention to visual compositions, or is that something you look for in a director of photography? Is it the quality of the acting performances, or does that rest on the cast’s shoulders? Is it the creation of a beautiful story, or is that the screenwriter’s business?

It’s the overall vision, whatever that means. Predicting Best Director sometimes feels like predicting Best Picture, and that is why the two awards often (but not always) go to the same film. So what do we do with an awards ceremony that honors two films and nominates five directors? Well, let’s see…


Best Director

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Hacksaw Ridge (2016) Movie Review

War is Hell.

This is the age-old sentiment, a mantra for both the wearied soldier and the rallied activist. The opening montage of Hacksaw Ridge, captured in slow motion between dusty explosions that haze the screen, is the visual incarnation of this well-worn phrase. Flamethrowers and gunfire making charred puppets out of people. It is no storming of Omaha Beach in Saving Private Ryan, perhaps the modern framework of the war battle sequence, but it is still something.


Desmond Doss (Andrew Garfield), after being raised in a contentious household with an abusive father (Hugo Weaving, in a powerful but short turn), joins the army with the hopes of Continue reading Hacksaw Ridge (2016) Movie Review

Blood Father (2016) Movie Review

John Link (Mel Gibson) is a sober ex-con who scrawls tattoos on upper thighs out of his trailer in the California desert. When his long-disappeared daughter suddenly re-enters his life with a criminal past trailing her, he must take drastic actions to protect her.


Blood FatherĀ does not have a stellar narrative. It has a crass script with little nuance. But it is Continue reading Blood Father (2016) Movie Review