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2020 Oscar Predictions — Best Director

I think this year’s Best Director race is really intriguing. It is a group of filmmakers doing a variety of different things, and they all have their merit. While this makes predicting the winner a tough task, and there are many different ways this race could go, I think there are two presumed frontrunners heading into the Directors Guild of America’s award ceremony.

The Nominees:

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Silence (2016) Movie Review

Jesuit priest Cristovao Ferreira (Liam Neeson), amid a 17th century Japanese mission environment of torture and persecution, reportedly apostatizes the Christian faith to prevent more Japanese converts from being harmed.

Two young priests who were raised into the faith under the tutelage of Ferreira, Father Rodrigues (Andrew Garfield) and Father Garupe (Adam Driver), decide to venture to Japan to find Ferreira and an explanation.


When Rodrigues and Garupe land on the Japanese shore, it becomes clear that their resolve may not be enough for what they are up against. In a delightfully simple move, Scorsese shows the two Portuguese priests with Continue reading Silence (2016) Movie Review

2017 Academy Awards Nomination Predictions – Best Director

I like how the 2017 Best Director Oscar race is shaping up. It is quite interesting in terms of which directors have been getting attention thus far. There are some surprises, I think, which leaves the Oscar race more open than it initially seemed to be.


Best Director

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Surprising Snubs from the 2017 Golden Globe Nominations

The Golden Globes were released today, one day after the yet-to-be-nationally-released (read: I haven’t seen it) La La Land won big at the Critics’ Choice Awards, and, as usual, some had to get snubbed.

Here are a brief list of no-shows from this year’s list of film nominees (Sorry, no TV here). Note: I have not seen all of the film’s nominated (and not nominated), so some of these list items might not be so surprising in retrospect. Continue reading Surprising Snubs from the 2017 Golden Globe Nominations