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Ocean’s 8 (2018) Movie Review

Gary Ross’s Ocean’s 8 is an all-female reboot of the wildly popular Ocean’s trilogy from the 2000s (those films directed by Steven Soderbergh). In the film, Danny Ocean’s sister Deborah (Sandra Bullock) gets paroled from prison after almost six years of detention. During those five plus years, Debbie planned an intricate heist of a $150 million Cartier diamond necklace.


Debbie and her partner (Cate Blanchett) round up a crew of criminal specialists (Helena Bonham Carter, Rihanna, Mindy Kaling, Sarah Paulson, Awkwafina) to pull off the heist during the Met Gala, where they have arranged Continue reading Ocean’s 8 (2018) Movie Review


Trailer Rundown: Thor: Ragnarok

These days, it is hard to get one’s cynical blood pumping over a superhero movie.

I’m still not getting my hopes up. But…


The new teaser for Thor: Ragnarok dropped today, and boy is it a romp. Thor gets Continue reading Trailer Rundown: Thor: Ragnarok

2016 Academy Awards Predictions – Best Actress

I’ll start this prediction article with my personal bias. I loved Brie Larson in Room, although I never saw her as a frontrunner for the Golden Globe. As such, I was pleasantly surprised to see her take home the award, and it has given me new hope that she could win the Oscar.


Larson still faces tough competition, however. Cate Blanchett and Jennifer Lawrence (both Academy favorites) could easily Continue reading 2016 Academy Awards Predictions – Best Actress