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Mother! (2017) Movie Review

In the New York Post review of Darren Aronofsky’s new feature film Mother!, critic Sara Stewart calls the film “a Rorschach test of a movie to interpret however you like.” Not only is this statement accurate, but it is the fatal flaw that sinks this unwieldy monster of a film.


There is so much to unpack with Mother! that it becomes not a question of “what?” but a question of Continue reading Mother! (2017) Movie Review

2017 Golden Globes Predictions – Best Original Score

Scores are the under-appreciated backbone of tone in cinema. Composers control the emotional arcs of scenes. They reinforce important motifs. Music makes some films feel more full. A composer has to know what is at the heart of any script in order to properly do his/her job. The composers on these films understand this process. Let’s take a look at the nominees for Best Original Score.


Best Original Score

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2016 Academy Awards Predictions – Original Score

In film, a score is the mood. It is the suspense in a horror or thriller. It is the lightness of a feel-good period piece. It is the driving pulse of a drama.

The category of Best Original Score is always hard to narrow down. Similar names pop up through the years, but that doesn’t mean these usual suspects have an upper hand on any given award season. Following trends in other award shows is usually the best way to see who is going to win the Academy Award.


This year, there is a clear favorite, and his chances have been raised by Continue reading 2016 Academy Awards Predictions – Original Score

2015 Academy Award Predictions — Best Original Score


The Nominees:

  • The Grand Budapest Hotel — Alexandre Desplat
  • The Imitation Game — Alexandre Desplat
  • Interstellar — Hans Zimmer
  • Mr. Turner — Gary Yershon
  • The Theory of Everything — Johann Johannsson

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