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2018 Summer Box Office Predictions

Every year, I like playing a little game of Summer box office predictions. The rules are simple (and the game is played officially at Trivia Club and /Film, if you’re interested): Pick which 10 films, and three dark horse candidates, that you think will gross the most money domestically during the Summer movie season.

This year, the game’s outlets are shifting their definition of what the Summer movie season is in order to include Avengers: Infinity War. Avengers was initially slated for release on the first weekend of May, but Disney pushed its release up a week.

For the sake of this article, I’m just going to keep the traditional definition of Summer movie season, which is the first weekend of May to Labor Day weekend. It kind of makes the predicting harder, given that Avengers is almost certainly going to be the highest grossing movie of the year, and if the film were included in this competition it would be number one with a bullet.

All the same, this year’s crop of Summer movies is pretty strange from a box office standpoint.


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What to Expect From the Directors Guild Awards 2017

The Directors Guild Awards (DGAs) are this Saturday, February 4. Ignoring television, as I do not watch it, there are three film categories that could act as precursors to the Academy Awards.


Surprisingly, Ava DuVernay did not receive a nomination in the documentary category for 13th. Without this competition, there is no feasible scenario where Continue reading What to Expect From the Directors Guild Awards 2017

Oscar Talk: Why You Should Care About the Producers Guild Awards

Oscar season is the best time of year for movies. The nominations and winners at the various award shows help guide viewers toward the quality prestige movies of the year.

The Oscars also mean competitive office pools, which means it is time to discuss some of the best ways of going about your predictions. In this article, we will take a look at the next scheduled award show: The Producers Guild Awards.


The Producers Guild Awards sounds incredibly boring, I know. What moviegoer cares which deep-pocketed individuals win for producing the best film of the year?

If you are participating in an Oscar pool and are looking for an edge, then you do. Continue reading Oscar Talk: Why You Should Care About the Producers Guild Awards

2017 Academy Awards Nomination Predictions – Best Makeup & Hairstyling

The Academy has narrowed down the Best Makeup & Hairstyling category to a shortlist of seven films: Deadpool; The Dressmaker; Hail, Caesar!; Florence Foster Jenkins; A Man Called Ove, Star Trek Beyond, and Suicide Squad. This makes our job a bit easier, buy by no means is there a definitive frontrunner here.


Best Makeup & Hairstyling

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Top 15 Best Movies of 2016

With 2016 winding down—half of America wanting to forget the entire election cycle, most lamenting the year as the most trying in recent memory, everyone hoping no one influential dies in 2017—it is time to look at some things that were actually good during the last calendar year.

2016 felt like a typical, unsurprising year at the movies. The box office didn’t blow up with mega-hits like last year’s The Force Awakens or Jurassic Park. There were your standard issue blockbusters and flops. Some movies were great. Some movies were God awful. And most of them were woefully in-between in that grotesque nether-region that is mediocrity.

Here, I have outlined my top 15 movies of 2016. Keep in mind that this list does not include some key late-year releases that I have yet to see and review, including but not limited to Fences, Silence, and Jackie. It also does not include documentaries, even though the likes of Weiner, Tickled, O.J.: Made in America, and 13th would all be strong contenders.

If you wish, click on the green titles to read the full review.


Honorable Mentions

The Neon Demon


Nicolas Winding Refn continues his divisive oeuvre with this Summer’s soft release The Neon Demon. While it might not feel it, the film is more Continue reading Top 15 Best Movies of 2016

2017 Golden Globe Awards Predictions

Golden Globe nominations are out, and that can only mean one thing: extremely early predictions. We’re about a month out from the ceremony, so anything could happen between now and then. For now, though, let’s crack into these categories and see who will win, who could win, and who could come from behind and surprise everybody. Continue reading 2017 Golden Globe Awards Predictions

2017 Golden Globes Predictions – Best Actor

The two best actor races at this year’s Golden Globes will be, in all likelihood, unsurprising. Both categories—in Drama and Musical/Comedy—are stacked with talent. But trends show that two clear front runners have emerged.


Best Actor – Drama

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2017 Golden Globe Awards Predictions – Best Picture

The Golden Globes’ biggest honor is actually a split honor. For better or worse, the awards show divides its Best Picture race into two categories: one signifying the highest achievement in “Drama,” and the other in “Musical or Comedy”

This year, both races are fairly cut and dry with some wiggle room for an upset.


Best Motion Picture – Drama

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Best Movies of 2016 (So Far)

We’ve reached the midpoint of the calendar year. A lot of movies have been released. Some surprisingly good. Others leaving a bad taste in everybody’s mouths. Here’s a list of some of the best movies of the year as of June 21, organized by release date.




Deadpool was a film that could have went poorly. Instead, it became one of the bigger surprises at the theater this year. Many were quick to note that Continue reading Best Movies of 2016 (So Far)

Deadpool (2016) Movie Review

From minute one of¬†Deadpool, it is clear that we are dealing with a wholly unique film. If you didn’t know what you were getting into with this film, the opening credits sequence explains it for your rather efficiently.


Given a film that never Continue reading Deadpool (2016) Movie Review